Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Biggest watermelon ever

I am currently 34 and a half weeks along now.  And also very very tired pretty much all the time.  And also it hurts when I walk.  My pelvic floor is not a happy camper these days.  Let me show you why.

I'm smuggling three hams and a turkey in there.
The kids are growing well.  The last growth scan I had two weeks ago showed them each to be about four and a half lbs each.  I imagine they're easily at least five lbs now.  I'm not having contractions other than the usual Braxton Hicks, and my cervix is pretty sleepy, just like me.  I have four more weeks until my c-section.  I don't have a specific date yet, but I will on Thursday at my next appointment.  I would wish to go a little sooner, but I'm pretty excited to have Chris home for the birth.  I think it will be worth it to do whatever I can to keep them in there until he gets home.  Exciting stuff here, people.  So why am I so sleepy?  Oh yeah, I have a crazy two year old.

My mom is here now!  I'm so glad that she's here for so long.  She's staying until May- my sister Eve is having a baby in May, so she'll be stealing Mom back from me.  Mom's been such a big help already.  She cleans for me and watches Ben.  Also, she's a great friend to have with me.  You get a little crazy when you only have a toddler to talk to all the time.  And man, we can talk.  Mom and I, I mean- not Ben and I.  Although Ben is pretty talkative, too.  But he says stuff like, "Mommy sleeping?  Ben sleeping, too" right before he puts his cold little fingers in my eyes and nose and laughs.  Ben will pretty much never sleep out of choice.  Ever.  He will also repeat everything he hears, like when I was talking to Chris on the phone and telling him that someone was a butthole.  How does Ben know to which word is potentially the most offensive word to repeat?

Baby A is now head down, which doesn't matter much because I'm getting sliced and diced, but Baby B is still transverse.  Baby A's butt is in Baby B's face.  This is a 3d picture of the two of them.  It was difficult getting any 3d pictures of either of them because they weren't very cooperative.  Baby A kept his face hidden, and Baby B kept moving all around.  Every time the tech would try taking a 3d image of his face, he would wiggle around, and it would look all blobby monster baby.  Or maybe that's just what he looks like, but I hope not.  So the only somewhat good picture we have of them is this one, which is kind of sad.  But funny.

I'm almost ready for these babies.  My mom helped me clean out all the junk in my bedroom, and I think we'll be working on my craft room next.  I have a lot of diapers to make.  Yes, I plan on doing cloth with the twinkles.  Cloth diapering Ben hasn't really been all that different then using disposable diapers.  It's actually easier in some ways because I don't have dirty diaper trash to take out, and I also don't have to go to the store to buy diapers.  The laundry isn't a big deal.  It's just one load every other day.  I also just recently installed a sprayer onto my toilet downstairs to spray poop off into the toilet before I wash.  It's wonderful, and my washing machine is kept a lot cleaner.  The only inconvenience I have is when I have to strip the diapers because I still haven't really figured out exactly what works for them.  But once I do, it won't be an issue anymore.  I'm definitely looking forward to saving all that money, though.  Sometimes I still have a hard time adjusting to living on one income even though it's been almost two years since I got laid off.  I still feel guilty for not contributing monetarily to our household, but I try to help out where I can.

I'm getting more and more excited to meet our new babies as the time gets so close, and I'm becoming more ready for them to be here.  I mean, seriously, did you see my belly up there?  I didn't know my skin could stretch so much, and they're not even done growing yet.  But all in good time.  I'm even more excited to have my husband home to greet them with me.