Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Do you ever get those forwarded emails that say “DO NOT DELETE” either in the subject line or in the first two sentences? Those can pretty much automatically tell you that you’re going to want to delete them. Because you will anyway.

So, only seven and a half hours of work before I get to go home, take a nap, and then wake up to get packed. I’m sooooooo excited! Well, except for the part where I have to be on the plane. Yuck. At least I have my crochet to keep me company. At the moment, I am working on More Than an Apron from It’s Shiloh’s belated birthday gift. I already told her because I had to consult her on the size of it because she’s pregnant now and will be fat with baby fairly soon.

Oh, also I’m taking my pirate quilt with me to Utah. I haven’t bound it yet because I lack the know how. My lovely sis in law, Velvet, will (hopefully) help me crawl out of my failure. I also have grandiose plans of knitting sweet little things for the new babies in my life out of a book I got last time I went down to Utah Natural Knits for Babies and Moms. Hopefully that works out for me. I also got a couple of really cool books for Christmas. They are Knitting Lingerie Style and Knit Kimono. I can't wait to start some projects out of those, but it might be a little while. I always have a lot that I want to do, but time never really coopoerates with me. Anyway, break's over. Back to work...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

So my IUI was yesterday, and it was probably easier, if not more painful, than any of my other IUIs. All of my nurses/nurse practitioners that have done my IUIs always have a really hard time threading the catheter because my cervix is twisted like a corkscrew. This is the first time I had one pulled out the tenaculum. It even sounds scary to me. And because I have heard stories from other infertiles about this device, I knew that it is a ruthless instrument of pain. Here's a picture of different kinds. I believe they used product number LT340-209 on me, if you were wondering. It was painful. I almost cried, actually. I would have cried if 30 seconds after she clamped me she hadn't said, "There it goes!". So I was spared the tears. Anyway, she had my IUI done in five minutes when prevoiusly, it had always taken around twenty. I was impressed. So, welcome to the two week wait. And keep those fingers crossed.

I have three and a half more work days until I go to Utah next week! Oh, I haven't talked about it on here yet, huh? Well, I am. My Mom got a rock awesome deal on a plane ticket out to SLC on her vacation, so I'm going down there on the 24th. Last time she came out to Utah, and I was supposed to visit her, the driver side door on my old car stopped shutting. So, yeah, that pretty much stopped my road trip down there. But this time, I got a pretty sweet deal on Southwest, so I only have an hour of travel time each way. Yay! I hate flying. It's mega boring. Anyway, I'm really excited to see my mom, and I'm excited to see my brother's daughter who is a super cutie. I love happy babies. Although, she'll probably be sad that Chris isn't coming with me. She really liked him a lot when we visited for Thanksgiving.

I hate that I keep thinking that today is Friday. I want it to be Friday. That would be so nice.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cross your fingers, please.

I have one follicle ready to go. Which is good because at least I have one, and also bad because I wish I had at least one more. It's okay, though. I'm excited to finally be doing something again, and it only takes one, right?

I haven't really been doing a lot of crocheting or knitting lately. I'm pretty burned out from the Christmas rush, and I'm not even done with those. Mostly right now I'm tired, and typing poorly. Good night.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm going to post something new even though I didn't really give myself any time tonight to do so. All of my free time is currently called for by season 2 of The Office. Sorry, but yall will just have to wait your turn. I just thought I'd post something so you wouldn't have to be tricked into reading about my ovaries over and over and over again (because I know you're checking me out every day-- nay, several times a day even. When will she post something new already?!)
So today I was thinking about how ultra mega awesome I am, and I started counting the ways. Mostly, I started thinking about the ways I am most certainly not ultra mega awesome. I will share with you two examples of the same fatal flaw (yes, I'm dead now. Sorry you had to hear about it this way). In the past couple of weeks, I've been really crappy sick. It was just a cold, but it sucked.
Scenario A) I was at work walking down the hall to the bathroom. I coughed really hard, and I peed just a tiny bit. In my underwear. It was okay. It was just a teeny bit. I could have kept it to myself, but Chris was having a really crappy day, so I messaged him about it. You know, to cheer him up because that's what friends do. Anyway, he was the only who knew. Well, until now. I hope I cheered you up, too.
Scenario B) Two days later. I was at Shiloh's house with Chris and we were about to leave. We were just talking and laughing and stuff. I laugh a whole lot, by the way. I can't help it. Anyway, this time I knew I didn't even have to use the bathroom. I sneezed, and of course *sigh* I peed in my pants again. This time, though, I had a wet spot on the outside of my pants. A little dark pee spot. On. my. pants. It was pretty funny. I can't even be fake embarrassed about it because it makes me laugh. Anyway, Chris was pretty freaked out for a few days. I think he was afraid it was some new super power his wife had been given that she still had to tame, and it would get worse before it got better. Actually, I almost wish I could tell you it got worse, but then I would have just been doing it on purpose.
Really, if you want to hear funny stories about someone peeing in their pants, though, you should talk to my Mom. She's also a much better story teller than I am.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

My ovaries did something awesome!!

So my appointment this morning went really well. All that was seen on my quiet little ovaries were a few tiny antral follicles (follicles that could become mature if stimulated). It's great news because now I get to start a new medicated cycle! I don't know when, yet, but as soon as my next cycle begins or Monday, whichever comes first. My lining is so thin from the birth control, I may not even have a period. So, yay for us! I also made an appointment for another consult with Dr. Foulk, so if this cycle doesn't work out, we'll have a new protocol with (hopefully) a little more agression.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

My favorite thing about New Year's Day is that I get time off from work again, only a week after Christmas. What was I doing when the clocked turned? I was driving my sister in law to pick up her boyfriend from the airport (Pathetic really because I was worried she'd get lost/get hit by a drunk driver/slide off the road and burst into a flaming ball of twisted metal and rubber). New Year's Eve just isn't incredibly significant to me. It's pretty much a drinker's holiday, and well, I don't drink.
However, I am all about the New Year. It's a new, fresh beginning. It's my year to get things done. It's the year good things will happen. Hopefully. I've already started eating better in an attempt to lose weight. I'm hoping I can keep with it because I would love to shed a couple of love handles and a saddle bag or two (gross, wouldn't it be weird if I only had one saddle bag?). I do have an ulterior motive, though. It's likely that my ovulatory function will increase if I lose just 10% of my body weight. Psh, piece of cake. Mostly, though, I just really want to look hot this summer and not be embarrassed to wear a bathing suit.
Speaking of ovulatory function, I really hope that stupid cyst has gone away. I'm ready to start a new medicated cycle already! I will admit that it has been really nice to not have to think about getting knocked up all the time. I can't be too upset about the cyst (although I was when I found out it was there) because it gave us a much needed break from fertility treatments. Well, I have an ultrasound to find out on Thursday morning. Wish me luck!