Friday, December 14, 2007

Sing with your head up and your eyes closed...

Four reasons I wish my life was a musical:

1. People wouldn’t stare at me when I sing out loud when I’m shopping in public. They would gather around me magically knowing the words and sing with me in harmony. We would dance around automatically knowing all the steps and they would all pick me up and hold me upwards at a camera shot looking down on us for the finale. Trust me, it would be freaking awesome.

2. I would never sing off key unless it was written into the song, at which point it would serve the story line. I would sing perfectly and my improv skills would be pretty sweet, which means I wouldn’t start singing really stupid things because I can’t think of words that rhyme with each other.

3. Singing is romantic. If I started singing romantically to Chris now, he’d probably look at me like I’m nuts and then say something to that effect. But if my life was a musical, we’d sing songs and dance together before a fade to black that leaves us in a steamy kiss. That works for both of us.

4. Because I would never be bored! I could sing my way through work every day with a definite plot progression-- enter conflict (which I currently have), enter resolution (which doesn’t come into the picture as often as I’d like). Also, I wouldn’t be annoying anyone with my songs because they’d come in and sing along. It would be great.

Can you tell I really like to sing? It’s pretty much one of my favorite things to do, but I get really nervous when I sing around people. Then I forget the words, and I’m traumatized. My anxiety is terrible. I wish I could feel more self confident. I would love to sing in public without sweating and freaking out and forgetting the words. But if my life were a musical, I wouldn’t have to worry about anxiety, and I could sing all I wanted all of the time.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Glory Day in the Hot Sun

This is my first knitting project that I have completed. I have hurdled such tasks as double pointed needles and the cable stitch. I'm very excited because both of these things were fairly intimidating until I actually did them and found that they are very very easy. The whole project took me about three days cumulatively. You can find the pattern here. And now for a session on how useful they are:

I can brush my teeth while keeping my hands toasty.

I can write letters to friends and family with crayons. I could even use a pen, but I couldn't find one nearby to use.

I can look condescendingly sophisticated (not that I'd ever be inclined or anything).

I even created this post while wearing them.

Sweetness, eh?