Saturday, February 19, 2011

If you could take a nap for me, that'd be great.

I am so utterly tired.  And it's so hard to sleep.  I'm pretty sure I woke up fifty bajillion times last night just to roll my giant belly from one side to the other to keep my hips from having a revolt and killing me.  I felt bad about it because it was my husband's first night home (!!!!!!!!!!) on leave, and I'm sure I disturbed him more than once.  And then Ben came in to get in bed with us very early.  It took him awhile to get back to sleep, and the position he fell asleep in was you know, right up against me because the kid is a pretty snuggly little guy.  I love snuggles, but it's hard to sleep when you have so many kids on top of you.  I'm going to have to cut off his morning routine of coming into my room to go back to sleep.  I don't really know how I'm going to do it, though.  It's one of his favorite things. 
I have 3 days until my babies are born.  I'm 38 weeks pregnant today, and I am astounded that I've made it this far.  I am also just ridiculously huge. 

This is last night before I went out and ate a big delicious steak.  My stomach almost makes my butt look small, which really has just never happened before.  Just for comparison, here's my post at 39 weeks with Ben.  The distance is a lot different, but I think you'll be able to see through that eye trickery.  My belleh is stupidly big. 
I'm so excited!  And so nervous!  Two newborn babies just seems completely insane!  And yet, it will work somehow.  My mother in law managed to have three children who were five and under and successfully gestate twins to 41 weeks (I die.) before having them and subsequently raising them.  So, yes, it will work somehow.  And if I had to go to 41 weeks, I'm convinced I really would die.  A lot.  I also have so many family members and friends who have helped and are willing to continue helping me.  I've been very blessed on that front, for sure.  My mom is a huge help with Ben.  He loves his Nana.  He tells me so, "I yuv Nana," he says.
He is also now obsessed with his Dad, now that he's home.  It's so adorable, and I love it.  We were both afraid that Ben might forget Chris, but that has definitely not been the case.  Ben talks to Chris on the phone, and when he saw him at the airport, he knew exactly who he he was.  I couldn't see Ben's face, but I could see the sides of his cheeks in a huge smile. 
I'm sure I have more I'd like to write here, but I also have a husband with whom to spend my time (finally!).  So that's that.  I'll try to post pictures of the babies as soon as I can after they're born.