Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh hai, Internets. We actually got our internet hooked up at our house a couple of days ago, but I've just been too lazy to post on my blog. Get this- Ben's awake, I'm posting on my blog, and I'm not holding him! Having space is pretty awesome. Our dogs also love it here.

Our refrigerator was delivered on Monday, and since then Chris has been figuring out how to install the water line to it. The instructions on the kit told us to drill a hole into the cold water supply pipe under the kitchen sink. This made him nervous, so we needed to find another way around it. You can read about the experience here.

I hate moving so much. I hate packing. I hate moving boxes and furniture. I hate unpacking. I hate living in between two homes while the moving happens. I'm so glad we don't have to move again for a long long time. Are you tired about hearing how much I love my house? I'm not tired of telling you. I love my house. I love our neighborhood. Love, love, love, love, love. Okay, I'll stop now.

So Phase 1 of getting Ben to sleep in his crib begins tonight. I left one side off the crib when assembling it, and I put it up against my side of the bed. I hope he can learn to sleep in it. He's just getting so big and pushing Chris and me off the bed in his sleep.
I just got him to sleep in it for his nap. I hope it lasts.

Chris and I have been talking about how we need more of a schedule and routine in our lives. We just don't seem to get as much done as we really need to do. I want to sew and knit and craft, He wants to paint miniatures and all of the wonderfully nerdy things he loves to do. We both want to start keeping a journal. I want to cook more from scratch (homemade bread, anyone?), and I want to start researching how I want to homeschool our kids. We desperately need to manage our time better. Why, facebook, why???? Who isn't addicted to facebook? Speaking of which, the guys who did that Bobby Denning commercial do a lot of funny videos. One of them is about facebook.

This post is awfully disjointed. I did tell you I need organization in my life. If you'll excuse me, I also need to change a poopy diaper.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We're about to leave our internet for our first night at the house. Yay again for a real house! So, I leave you with this. It's an incredible commercial for a business in North Carolina. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We closed on our house yesterday, but I waited to post about it because our loan didn't fund until today. My dear sweet husband was convinced that we'd be the one out of a million that closed on a house but still didn't get it. When I called this morning to turn on the electricity and water (Waterworks said they couldn't come out until Monday. No water all weekend. Boo!), Chris wondered if we should have before hearing about the funding going through. Moving in boxes also felt very tentative. I kind of know how he felt, though. It still feels too good to be true, but it's true! We have a house! We own a home! It's awesome. And now we have a buttload of moving we need to do. That's the really not so fun part of getting a new house.

Our realtors were awesome enough to pay a locksmith to change the locks on all our doors (along with paying for our 2nd home inspection and a really good one year home warranty- if you need a realtor in the Treasure Valley, go to Don and Janice Cuff. They are awesome!). While we were waiting for the locksmith to finish up, our new neighbor from across the street came over to chat with us. We mentioned that our water wouldn't be turned on until Monday and he said, "Well I work for the city, so if you need water for the weekend, I can go grab my wrench and turn it on." And then he did. That was so cool. We also met our next door neighbors, and they were really nice, too. Hooray!

It just took me the better part of an hour since that last paragraph to get my child to sleep. He's always been one to fight sleep. Always, always, always. But for the past four or five nights, he's been almost as hard to get to sleep as he was when he was colicky. I'm going out of my mind. He gets to the edge of sleep, and he used to just pull off and roll over to play and wake himself up. Normally, I would just hold him from rolling over, put him back on the boob, and he'd go to sleep. Now he wigs out and screams to keep himself awake if I don't let him roll over. He won't allow the boob anywhere near his face because boob=sleepy time. He has also started to cry every time we even enter the bedroom when he's tired. I managed to get him to take a nap this morning, but I wasn't able to succeed a second time in the afternoon. He had half naps on the way to and from our new house. I'm so frustrated! Gaaaaaaaah!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

My hygiene- it has reached new lows

Remember when I talked about how I don't shower as often as I used to? Well, let's just say that today I probably crossed the line of new mom filth into mega-stinky land. I won't lie and tell you that I remember when I showered last. Because I don't remember. Not even a little. I just know it couldn't have been too terribly long ago, judging from my leg hair stubble and the knowledge that I did shave the last time I showered.

I was in the living room with Ben, and Chris came in and stood there for a second.

Chris: Do you want me to watch Ben?

Me: So I can pack?

Chris: So you can take a shower.

Me: Do I really smell that bad?

Chris : Well, I caught a couple of whiffs earlier...

Me: Bahahahaha, okay. Thanks.

Chris: Thanks for what? Telling you that you stink? I didn't want to offend you.

Me: No, thanks for watching Ben, so I can shower. I think it's funny.

And I really do think it's funny. Otherwise I wouldn't be sharing it with the internets. I'm just trying to keep it real, people. Don't worry; I showered before writing this post, and I smell delicious.

I want to ask yall about the division of kid duties between mom and dad. I always feel kind of guilty for asking Chris to help me too much with Ben after he gets home from work. I know he's tired, and he wants to get some stuff done. At this point in the day, I'm also tired, and I also want to get things done. So where can I find a balance? Chris hasn't complained or anything. He likes spending time with Ben, but I just don't want to burn him out. What do you do in your house?