Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Glory Day in the Hot Sun

This is my first knitting project that I have completed. I have hurdled such tasks as double pointed needles and the cable stitch. I'm very excited because both of these things were fairly intimidating until I actually did them and found that they are very very easy. The whole project took me about three days cumulatively. You can find the pattern here. And now for a session on how useful they are:

I can brush my teeth while keeping my hands toasty.

I can write letters to friends and family with crayons. I could even use a pen, but I couldn't find one nearby to use.

I can look condescendingly sophisticated (not that I'd ever be inclined or anything).

I even created this post while wearing them.

Sweetness, eh?


  1. you are so talented! i envy you and your craftiness! great work, by the way. it looks like they have been put to good use so far.

  2. So I want a blue striped pair for my birthday/Christmas present.... Thank you! Ha Ha

  3. Those are really awesome. I don't think I could ever attempt to make them. It looks really hard. The worst thing for me when I knitted was dropping a stitch. I never really learned how to fix them.

  4. sweet! I have yet to make gloves. My next project is to make socks.

    those look great...good color too


  5. Were are mine. I look in the mailbox everyday!! Just kidding, but where are they!