Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Very Baby Post

Hahahaha! I'm actually crouching in this picture, trying to get my face into it. See that grin? I'm trying not to laugh at the ridiculousness of how I must look! Self timers feel like they take FOREVER when you're standing in that position, trying not to die and ruin the picture. But look at mah belleh! It's fo' reals, folks. Oh, and Chris is back from AT, but now he's at work, and I'll be asleep when he gets home. But really, this picture would not be nearly as entertaining to me if I hadn't taken it myself. And that is a cell phone in my pocket, people. Just so you know...

So I had another Dr appt today, and my weight is good. I did gain this time, but I already knew that. So I'm feeling pretty good about that. I did ask her to tell me what Sprout's heart rate is this time, and it's about 150 bpm. So according to that wive's tale, we're having a girl. I do realize that it's only a wive's tale and according to the accumulation that I've read, I still have a 50/50 chance of having either sex, lol. But we're excited either way! And if the baby cooperates, we'll be finding out in just TWO weeks! Woot!

I know this is going to sound silly, but lately I've had this feeling that something is probably going to be wrong with this baby. Like he/she will have some kind of physical or mental handicap. I know, I know. 9 out of 10 mothers worry about this. But I'm not anxious about it like it's a bad thing. Chris and I have even talked about "what if we have a handicapped kid" before, and it's not a fear for me. I think I have this feeling because in my head I'm thinking that there's no way we could be so lucky to have a normally healthy baby. I mean, we are SO very lucky to be having a baby at all, you know? Like I said, it's probably silly, but the thought is there and it won't go away.

I also wanted to mention the best pregnancy symptom so far (well, except for the 'child in the womb' symptom- that pretty much trumps anything else). So earlier on, I did notice that I lost less hair in the shower, just like the pregnancy books told me. But I didn't notice how much hair actually stayed in my head until today. My hair almost feels thick! I have very fine hair, so while I have always had a lot of hair, it has always felt thin because the strands are so thin. Even with my newfound bounty of hair, I still have the wimpiest ponytail you've ever seen. But it is glorious and shiny and wavy, and I love it.

I don't have anything else to talk about really. I've been so tired lately. I could take a couple of naps a day. And I think it's bed time now...


  1. OK so since I am losing hair by the handsfull all I have to do is get pregnant? Well there is nobody to even practice with...lol!! I ALWAYS felt something must be wrong with every pregnancy (even you) so hopefully that is all you are feeling!!

  2. Well, I remember when I was having my deformity doubts and I have to tell you that after I had heard the heart beat a few times, I started to get nervous. I even told Mom that I probably had just a heart with an arm and that I would have to pull it in a wagon and hold it's hand. We are of course laughing at this right now, but good luck to you and your little heart. At least maybe yours will have two legs instead of just one arm, so it can walk. By the way, Tripp's was 145, and Erick's was about that too. I think it's too close to tell for you yet. And I thought Mom was pregnant.

  3. I think given the situation it's normal for folks like us to fear something might be wrong. Our hand of cards we've been dealt hasn't been the luckiest thus far. But just because we have the fears doesn't mean that anything is wrong. Once you have your 20 week ultrasound and they check everything the fear will probably subside.

    I was stupid and read about women getting told that the baby had a cyst on the brain at the 20 week. Lots of babies have these and most go away but for some that don't it can be downs syndrome. So when the tech stopped on my girls head and was measuring the brain I almost passed out. She had to stop and have me take a break. Nothing was wrong with our little one but I had myself so worried and expected that we HAD to hear some sort of bad news.

    Just try not to think about it.



  4. I like how you said "if the baby cooperates". it made me picture him flexing his whole body trying to push his little wein out. "this is for you mom!" Cute belly by the way.

  5. I love your pregy belly. I think you are right your hair (what I can see of it) looks thicker. I sure do miss you!!!!

  6. You know, I laughed when you mentioned the potential of your belly offsetting the size of your butt, but I can see some real potential there!

  7. haha! i didnt know you were showing yet! havnt seen ya around. i love the cell phone in your pocket comment. i WAS worried that you were getting a little too EXCITED about the picture situation. so you arent gonna wait til it bursts forth to find out if it's a girl or boy? yes! *victory dance*