Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Who says the honeymoon has to be over?

Can I just say how much I love my husband? I love him the most. He is the only man who has ever sent me flowers. Sure I’ve been given flowers before, but Chris has had them sent to me. Most recently, he had them sent to me today at work. I just loooooooove surprises. And apparently, he ordered them on Friday and kept the secret from me all weekend. If you know my husband, then you know it almost killed him to hide it for that long. I have the best husband ever.


  1. so i know he's my gross brother, but i said "awwwww, that's sooo sweeeeet!" when i read your post.

  2. Bekah,
    You better hold on to that one for sure...
    Was it like a pre-Valentine's day gift or a "just because" gift?
    The "just because" gifts are my absolute favorite!

  3. That's why it's OK for me to let you live so far away from yo mama. Cause you have such a wonderful husband who loves you so much!!! Otherwise you would just have to move home!!!

  4. Yah that's pretty sweet. I'm smiling and puking at the same time.