Saturday, April 04, 2009

How do I love thy mullet? Let me count the waves...

My husband has a habit of secretly changing my desktop picture when I'm sleeping. Imagine my horror surprise when this picture appeared on my desktop after closing Firefox one fine day.

His name is Reginald. I do not know if he has any brothers, but he may still be available if you'd like to look him up. Actually, my money says he still lives in his mother's basement.

The funniest thing about it is that as soon as Ben saw the guy's face, he broke out into the biggest smile. In fact, every time Ben looks at him, he gets a giant gummy grin. My guess is that he thinks Reginald is his father. This makes me laugh, and it also scares me a little. Because you know, I am married to Ben's actual father, and if he follows through with his plan of growing a mullet and a thin mustache after he gets out of the Army, well. Then I will be married to Reginald.

In other news, we put in an offer for a house and it was accepted. The only real thing standing in between us and potentially our new home is the inspection. I have a really good feeling about this house, but I don't know if maybe it's because I just really want it to work out for us, you know? But we find out everything on Monday. I'm nervous and hopeful. We're willing to put in some work on a house as long as it's not something that has to be done immediately or something that will just cost too much to make it ultimately worth it.

Not much else has been happening. But I will be flying home to Georgia to see my family on Tuesday! I'm pretty excited about it. If I'm not mistaken, both of my brothers will also be visiting at the same time, so we'll all be together in the same place. Yay!

ETA: The picture of Reginald is from Sexy People. Go there. You won't be disappointed.


  1. I'm watching you guys...this is crazy. Can't wait (really) to see you and Ben, and of course your brothers and families. Wish Chris could come :(

  2. I may be able to duplicate the hair and clothing, but I could never match the raw animal magnetism that Reginald possesses. He's in a class of his own.

  3. Reginald has two eyebrows, something Chris will never have.

  4. No wonder Ben grins when he sees this. It was hard to fight back laughter when I saw it. Especially the 80's backdrop. Whoooo! You made my day! And I am definitely checking out that sexy website.

  5. I don't know whether to be impressed or horrified. good luck with the house!

  6. That picture makes me twitch