Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We closed on our house yesterday, but I waited to post about it because our loan didn't fund until today. My dear sweet husband was convinced that we'd be the one out of a million that closed on a house but still didn't get it. When I called this morning to turn on the electricity and water (Waterworks said they couldn't come out until Monday. No water all weekend. Boo!), Chris wondered if we should have before hearing about the funding going through. Moving in boxes also felt very tentative. I kind of know how he felt, though. It still feels too good to be true, but it's true! We have a house! We own a home! It's awesome. And now we have a buttload of moving we need to do. That's the really not so fun part of getting a new house.

Our realtors were awesome enough to pay a locksmith to change the locks on all our doors (along with paying for our 2nd home inspection and a really good one year home warranty- if you need a realtor in the Treasure Valley, go to Don and Janice Cuff. They are awesome!). While we were waiting for the locksmith to finish up, our new neighbor from across the street came over to chat with us. We mentioned that our water wouldn't be turned on until Monday and he said, "Well I work for the city, so if you need water for the weekend, I can go grab my wrench and turn it on." And then he did. That was so cool. We also met our next door neighbors, and they were really nice, too. Hooray!

It just took me the better part of an hour since that last paragraph to get my child to sleep. He's always been one to fight sleep. Always, always, always. But for the past four or five nights, he's been almost as hard to get to sleep as he was when he was colicky. I'm going out of my mind. He gets to the edge of sleep, and he used to just pull off and roll over to play and wake himself up. Normally, I would just hold him from rolling over, put him back on the boob, and he'd go to sleep. Now he wigs out and screams to keep himself awake if I don't let him roll over. He won't allow the boob anywhere near his face because boob=sleepy time. He has also started to cry every time we even enter the bedroom when he's tired. I managed to get him to take a nap this morning, but I wasn't able to succeed a second time in the afternoon. He had half naps on the way to and from our new house. I'm so frustrated! Gaaaaaaaah!


  1. YAY! You got the house! I'm still trying to unpack from our last the time I finally get the house set up it will be time for the next move.

  2. So super cool! I'm so excited for your family.

  3. Save some unpacking for me. It's more fun than packing!