Friday, November 13, 2009

Baby butts, revisited

Remember how I was thinking about cloth diapering before Ben was born?  Well, it never happened, but I'm thinking about it again.  This business about diapering is a lot easier now that his poops aren't so, er, runny and the happenings are considerably less often than when he was exclusively breastfed.  So, I'm going to do it.  But I'm not going to buy those really expensive one size pocket diapers.  I'm going to make my own.  My mom suggested it to me right before Ben was born, and I was all, "Are you crazy?  People don't make their own cloth diapers!  Pshhhhh!"  And, uh yeah, like usual, my mom knew what she was talking about.  People do make their own cloth diapers, and they can be as simple as the old fashioned prefolds or as convenient as the pricey all in ones, which are basically washable .  Yeah, guess which ones I'll be making.  (I'll give you a hint- they will be the ones I can convince my husband to use.  Do you think that would involve more than one piece to the diaper?  Probably not.)  
Cloth diapers that people make can be just as insanely adorable as those mega expensive brand name clothies.  I will actually probably do a combination of fitteds (which will require separate covers) and all in ones (which the husband will most likely use the most).  I mostly just want an excuse to knit up some cute little wool pants for Ben to wear as covers.  I'm also putting a layer of bamboo velour to hug Ben's little butt.  Maybe I will also make myself some panties out of the velour because it just sounds like it would feel nice.
This renewed desire can be 100% attributed to the Relief Society Pres. in my new ward.  Apparently there are quite a few families in our ward that make and use cloth diapers.  She also knits, crochets, sews, quilts, and shares my birthday.  No wonder I like her so much.  If you didn't know already, Chris and I both have kind of extreme social anxiety when it comes to groups of people.  So church can be kind of a hard thing for us.  My admission is this: we just finally worked up the courage to go to our new ward a couple of Sundays ago.  Everyone has their own trials to deal with, right?  I just happened to meet someone who shares this one with me.  It's pretty easy to talk each other out of going to public social settings, but it's something we're working on.  Well, with church.  Everything else can just live without us.  Anyway, I really like my new ward.  They're super nice even though they probably mostly think we're inactive heathens, and they're probably afraid of offending us and turning us away from the church.  How would they know that we actually do have testimonies, and we're just scared of people?  Gosh, that just sounds so dumb to put out there.  Dur, I'm askeered of people, yall.  But it's true.  I have been for a long time. 
On a completely different subject, check out this video my husband sent me today. 
 I love a capella groups- especially when they vocalize instrumental sounds.  I think it stems from family sing alongs in the car to "Witchy Woman" by the Eagles.  The guitar makes a neeeeer, neeeeer, neer-neer neeer sound.  If you listen to the song, you'll know what I mean. 


  1. I love how they sound like a thunderstorm! I am also afraid of people. I have been to the church here but there is only one ward and everyone is REALLY creepy...but im trying too...I hate it cuz even when i try to talk to people on the phone i start stuttering and cant get it out and they treat me like im retarded....

  2. Mother knows best (hopefully most of the time, I'm trying for a record)!
    Really great video!

  3. you're weird... they're all gonna laugh at you! Bekah, you know everybody's going to like you anyway. Everybody likes me, and if they don't, who cares. And you and me are kind of a like, except for the ways that we aren't. You just need friends. You know, frie-eeeee-nds.

  4. No comment on cloth diapering except you're a braver woman than I. I'm totally afraid of people. It's quite inconvenient sometimes! My singles ward is full of seemingly perfect people. To have a weakness that is so obvious stands out like a sore thumb. Either I'm treated like the special needs one of the bunch or I'm ostracized for being (clearly) a major snob. Both are annoying.

    My only question is this: how did you and Chris get together in the first place, if you both have social anxiety? I'm so backward I can't get a date to save my life.

  5. Chris and I met on I dated a total of two LDS guys from my singles ward in GA. Most of them were not interested in me, but I wasn't interested in any of them either, so it kind of worked out. It did suck never going on dates though.
    If it weren't for the internet, I would probably still be single.
    I totally feel your pain. Social anxiety really really sucks.

  6. online dating it is! My sister just met someone online. Maybe there's something to it after all.

  7. I LOVE that! Tripp was sitting in my lap watching it and it made me tear up a little- I'm a goob. I love the lead guy with the yellow collar. You can tell he has an english accent.