Sunday, December 06, 2009

I was trained to do that with peanut butter.

I had four hours all to myself yesterday, and it was blissful.  I ran errands, did dishes, vacuumed, and went over our budget without having to worry about Ben needing anything from me.  Even though I was still doing things that weren't necessarily fun to do, I still felt refreshed.  And when I brought Ben home, I was happy to spend a couple of hours solely devoted to playing with him and soaking in his big happy smiles.  Yes, this is going to work out really well for us.
Here is one of the diapers I made for Ben.



It is very hard to get good pictures of it while he's wearing it.  If it looks really bulky, that's because it is at the moment.  It has several inserts in it for extra absorbency for bedtime.  When I'm able to make some wool soakers, those will probably be better for nighttime pee soakage.  They fit fairly trim during the day when he doesn't need all the extra padding.  But I won't even be able to finish making all these diapers until after Christmas, I'm sure, so I'm still doing a mix of cloth and disposables right now.  And you know?  Cloth really isn't hard to do.  And I really like that any rash he gets wearing disposables is gone within a day of using just cloth diapers.   And I also really like to sew and knit.  It just kind of works for me, I guess. 
You know how I posted about performance anxiety?  Well, you're about to see the closest I am probably ever going to get to singing in public by myself again (well, besides the errant karaoke every now and then).  We got a good Black Friday deal on a digital video camera, and I decided to record myself singing.  I figured I'd probably end up deleting it because I always end up hating how I sound in any recording.  But I watched it, and aside from my recurring ped lip and various strange faces, it actually didn't make me want to vomit.  So I'm sharing it with you because my blog audience is pretty small and mostly family and friends, and I don't have to look at you while you watch it (or don't watch it).  And if you have something bad to say about it, you can tell each other about it and not me!  There's a reason I'm not destined for American Idol, people.  And Simon Cowell's meanness is that reason!  Well, that and inadequate talent, lol.

The best part of this video is Ben trying to open the door in the background in the last minute.  That kid is so stinking cute.  As soon as we can get a video of him laughing hysterically, I promise to post it.  His laugh is so contagious and adorable, but I am pretty biased, I guess. 


  1. Love the song and your voice. Kudos.

  2. I liked it a lot. You are very talented! You did it all without music too!! Ben is so cute....I miss yall so much. Can't wait for you to GET HERE!

  3. It's Eve by the way, and it sounds really good, but your eyebrows are a little distracting. Just get some eyebrow training and come back next season. I'm sure you'll make it to the top 10! Lol! Love you ;)

  4. That sounded great! I would type something mean, but I think your other readers might misconstrue my comments as insults rather than big brother love, so I'll have to say it to your stupid face... oops

  5. I'm not a very musical guy, but I like it when you sing around the house or in the car. And if I recall correctly, people at church always seem to be impressed by your singing.

    Ben looks like he's getting ready for his WWE career. His finishing move will be the Pee-Butt Slam!

  6. I love, love, love your voice. I get to hear Eve sing semi-regularly but I haven't heard you sing in years. So thanks.

    and I love the homemade diapers. I cloth-diapered some of my kids, but I never made the diapers myself! woo-hoo to homemade!

    PS. my word verification is portli. and that's what your baby's legs are :)

  7. You've got a very pretty voice! I sound like cats being murdered. I have no problem with public speaking, but I'd never be able to post a video of myself singing!

    Brave lady!

  8. @ucmama: His legs are pure muscle. Ol' Muscle-legs, we call him.

  9. Thanks for all your kind words, yall. :) I appreciate it!