Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm in GA and have been for a couple of weeks now.  It's always weird visiting my hometown.  There are so many memories, and it was so long ago (well, relative to the length of my life so far).  Sometimes I remember things as though they happened to someone else.  I have a lot of regrets about the decisions I made.  But I'm also really happy with the way things ultimately turned out.  I guess if my present is where my past landed me, I could have done so much worse.  
I like coming back, though.  I like to see how much has changed.  And obviously, I like visiting my family.  That's probably my favorite part.  I only wish that Chris could have come, too.  He pretty much never gets to come with me because of work and/or school.  Suck. 
It would be nice to take a road trip across the country as a family, but Ben is so not ready for that.  We would have to stop too much, and that would annoy the both of us.  When we drive to places, we don't like to stop until we get to our destination.  It works pretty well that we're both like that, but it doesn't work well with kids.  At all.  So, it will be quite some time.  Well, especially since Chris is getting deployed again anyway.  Double suck.

We had my father's funeral the day after I flew into GA.  I wasn't originally planning on singing.  One of my brothers and my two sisters have sung at most of the funerals that have happened in our family in the past 6 years.  We decided at the last minute to sing some songs.  I'm glad we did.  The four of us sang the same hymn we sang at my sister, Sarah's, funeral- Lead, Kindly Light.  Then Eve and I sang Blackbird and a song that she wrote about my dad several months ago before he died.  We want to record it, and I'll post it if we manage to do it.  It was a good service, though.  I really felt closure, and the eulogizer even managed to elicit some compassion out of me for my old man. 


  1. I'm glad your trip is going well, but I will be happy when you and the boy get home. Maybe someday I will not have to do work/school/army all the time.

  2. I'm glad the funeral went well and that you had closure. Hey even though kids can be rotten and scream and cry, at the end of the day when they're finally asleep it's nice to just stroke their hair and remember they're gods little angels. Lol. Even if angel seems more like devil sometimes. Right now i'd have to say Guin is my "poop in underpants" devil. Ah isn't love horribly wonderful?