Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yeah, it was awesome.... not.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the hut (work with me here)
Nothing was stirring, except for Ben's butt
I had just gone to bed after setting out presents with care
In hopes that peaceful sleep would be the night's fare
Young Benji was sleeping, his bum poking straight up
His toots filled the air as he gripped his water cup
I slept a blissful hour or so, with dreams of delight
Imagining the morning scene after we'd awaken from night
When over in Ben's bed I heard a great splatter
I sprang from a dead sleep to see what was the matter
Away to fetch a diaper, I raced to the boy
Not expecting the explosion his gut had deployed
I lifted him up- I'd just change him as he slept
Unfortunately I discovered his jammies to be quite wet
I carried the sleeping boy at arms length to the bath
Hoping there would be nothing to trip over in my path
Ben woke as I stripped him of a poo filled sleeper
And rinsed him quickly in the tub before the water grew deeper
The middle of the night surprise bath filled him with cheer
I just prayed that more sleep might be near
Poo laundry was washing and the little boy clean
Snuggling me in new pjs with his eyes all agleam
I kissed his face and told him good night
Laid him in his bed and turned off the light
This story has no moral, but I attest to it's truth
Santa brought me nothing this Christmas except a big Benji poop.

Really, when stuff like that happens, you've got to laugh about it to stay sane, am I right?  And this seriously happened to me at about 2 am on Christmas morning in every detail, plus a bunch of other details that had no rhymes to go with them.  
Christmas morning was great.  Ben was happy and excited.  He loved everything he opened and immediately demanded that I remove it from its packaging so that he might play with it right then.  So it took a while to convince him to open all the presents.  I had been planning on hosting Christmas dinner, but seeing as how the plague saw fit to visit our home the night before, I apologetically canceled.  There are a lot of little ones in our family, and I didn't want any of Chris' sisters to have 2 am poosplosions either.  Meaning dealing with their kid's poosplosions, but I guess it would be unpleasant to be the one actually having the poosplosion, too.  Anyway, I digress.  I do that a lot.  I ended up being alone on Christmas, which made me kind of sad, but Ben was super happy and crazy about everything, so that helped.  
I cooked the hams I was planning on making for dinner because they were already thawed and they were from my in laws' farm (yum yum homegrown pig meats).  The ham was pretty much incredible.  Ben also really liked it.  He kept asking for pieces as I was cutting it up.  
I hope everyone had a great holiday.  I'm glad it's over because I don't have to be sad about it anymore.  I can just look forward to the babies being born and Chris being home for a couple of weeks and my mom coming out to stay for a while.  All good things coming up in just a short time.  It will be difficult and sleep depriving, but also doable.  I have lots of knitting I need to do for the babies, so that will be fun in the meantime.  And also decluttering the remaining rooms in my house that I haven't decluttered yet.  Which are three.  Well, maybe two and half is more like it.  I think if I talk about it enough, I might be able to nag myself into actually doing it.  Like, "Holy crap, Bekah, okay, I'll do it, just shut up about it already!"  I'm hoping it works out that way.  Although, I could just end up ignoring myself.  Meh.  


  1. Dang, girl, you're a friggin' poet!
    That was the funniest thing I've read all day!

  2. You do have quite a talent for the rhyme there, honey.