Sunday, September 30, 2007

So, I've been feeling pretty crafty lately. I finished a quilt top (my very first quilt) and basted the top, batting, and backing together. I love it. It's a pirate themed baby quilt for my someday baby (more on that later). I have also started one crochet project, and I am planning another one out. Those two are Christmas gifts, so I can't say what they are, lest prying eyes should see. But I can say that one of them is so good that I'm making one for myself, too. I also measured and cut the fabric in preparation for a skirt I'm going to make. I haven't gotten any farther because I hate ironing.
Also, this is the best time of the year. Apple pies! I love making them, and I love eating them (and also shoving them down other people's throats). There's an orchard out of Emmett that delivers cherries and apples to our office every year. Last year I bought a couple of boxes and had an apple pie making marathon. I froze a lot of the pie filling (because I don't have the equipment or the knowledge to can them), but I just made pies from the last two bags in anticipation for this year's harvest. It comes on Thursday. Sweetness.
This month is IUI #3, and it is also our first IUI with Dr. Foulk. My first two cycles I did with my OB/Gyn and Chris' urologist with clomid and an hcg trigger shot. This cycle I took Femara, two injections of Repronex, and I will also have an hcg trigger. Tomorrow I will find out how many eggs I'm going to release. Well, maybe. It's still early, so I may not know for a couple more days. But they're going to do the ultrasound to check them out. I'm still really nervous about giving myself a shot. A nurse did my first Repronex shot, and my loving husband gave me my second one. But I will have to do my trigger shot because it will most likely be when Chris is at work. :( Anyway, I'm happy that my tubes are clear according to my HSG I had on Friday. I don't expect the IUI to happen until later this week, though. I hope this one works. Infertility sure does take all the fun out of making babies...

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  1. you should post a picture of your pirate quilt. i'd really love to see what it looks like!