Thursday, July 03, 2008

Can you die from eating a pound of cherries?

I'm pretty sure I've eaten close to that many today. It's one of the best perks of living in Idaho in the summer. Bing cherries are the most delicious wonderful fruit. They make me so happy. There's an orchard in Emmett that takes orders in my office and delivers it to us in Boise. So that's nice. They also have the best cherries I've had from Emmett (there are a lot of orchards there). In a couple of months, they'll do the same with apples. I always get a 20 lb box and spend about a week making and freezing pie filling. Mmmmmm.......

Not much has been happening around here. Well, Chris got a sweet new ride. He's pretty excited about it. I'm okay with it because he's pretty much the safest driver I know. And I know he'll wear all of his protective gear every time he rides around on it. Right, honey?

All's well in baby growing land. He's been turned around and kicking me in the intestines for the past couple of days. It's really weird because it really feels like gas. I know they say that fetal movements tend to feel a lot like gas bubbles, but this is the first that it has felt like that. Before he felt like butterflies from being on a roller coaster. But man, my stomach is getting bigger. I feel like a house. I can only imagine what I'll feel like in two months. A Russian mosque maybe?

Things have been pretty boring around here, though. We've been getting our house ready for the baby, slowly but surely. I've been drinking my weight in water everyday to combat the relentless heat. Well, maybe not my weight, but 2 or 3 liters (67.6 to 101.4 oz). And I still wake up thirsty in the middle of the night. I'm lucky I like water so much, actually. Also, I'm so glad the last part of my pregnancy is in the fall. I already feel like I'm going to die in this heat, and I'm still in the "pleasant" trimester.

Anyway, happy Fourth, yall. May you have a good long weekend with copious amounts of everything you love.


  1. I'm having trouble getting enough water and severely paying for it with the heat.

  2. Aw can you feel him from the outside better now? I can't get over how much i love his name.

  3. you are due right around the time i was due (nov.3) the hot utah summer about killed me. when september and october rolled around, the heat was diminishing, but i had other issues of discomfort (a.k.a. HUGE BELLY SYNDROME) to take it's place. good luck with everything! i'm the type of person who doesn't really like to drink a lot of water. i have to force myself to do it. i'm curious about your dosha now. go ahead google it, i know you're gonna! :) i think it's so cool you can feel the baby. i always thought it felt like gas too. just wait 'til the boy is bigger and it won't feel like gas. more like an alien.

  4. A Russian mosque because you're Russian?