Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet sweet success....and er, some failure, too

Have you met my niece, Karli? I made that little purple dress for her. And now you can see her in it. She is so freaking cute, I want to eat her cheeks. Nom, nom, nom! And check out those little chubby legs! And it appears that she loves the dress, too.

So I had yet another OB appointment today. Last week my dr did not like my levels of amniotic fluid that were measured by the sonographer, so she wanted to measure it herself. They appeared to be too low. So, she measured again today and he has plenty of water to swim in. Oh, you know, I just hated having another excuse to look at my kid.

I have to say that it is the coolest feeling to have him move around. None of his movements are painful yet, so it's still really enjoyable to me and Chris. If the baby is awake, he'll kick Chris' hand pretty quickly when he puts it on my belly. And it's so crazy watching my stomach move. It's like some creepy alien thing. But he's my creepy alien thing, and he's adorable already.

And uh, oh yeah. The failure. I failed my glucose screening by a couple of points. Which totally sucks because now I have to go take the three hour test. I'm not really looking forward to that. But here, have a look at my baby fats at 29 weeks.


  1. seiously? just a few points? DANG IT!!!! totally love the baby fats though, and that dress you made is so cute i could roll over and die!

  2. Karli looks like Michael with a headband in a dress!

  3. Cute Dress, Cute little Girl, Cute Baby, Cute belly, Cute fail....?

  4. I love it! the dress and the babe. i wish you could make an antje sized purple dress. maha! You can see him so well in the ultrasound picture thingy majig. Hurry and burst forth!!!!!!!!

  5. Sarah N is saying to me and you right now as she looks at Karli's picture, "Where is my dress, Aunt Bekah?" Where is it?