Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Merry

There is very good news, indeed:

Ben has belly laughs in his sleep and give us the chuckles when we play with him. It is cute.

Ben slept last night. No kidding. I'm hoping for a repeat performance tonight, but I'm just so glad I had a little bit of a break. Thank you so much for your comments, by the way. I really appreciate them.

My husband is awesome. Okay, so that's not really news, but it is good.

And the best news of the day is this: You know how I'm getting laid off, right? Well, out of the three people in my group, I was getting laid off in the first quarter of next fiscal year (somewhere between March and June for us) while the other two ladies were given fourth quarter (which ends at the end of February). I asked if I could switch with one of them, and I was just told today that I can! Yay! This means I get my severance package (which is the only reason I wanted to work until getting laid off), and I'll get to stop working outside of the home sometime towards the end of February.

The bad news is: My dogs smell bad. Again, this isn't news at all, but it is bad.

Merry Christmas to you from us.

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  1. omg omg, how could i have forgotten about the elf videos. i think i peed a little laughing so hard. your face looks like a sparkly princess face, all glamorous, and it makes me so happy. so very happy.

  2. This was so funny!! You all look so happy (sept maybe the dogs). I love Elfing!!

  3. That elf yourself video was the cutest one I'd ever seen. Maybe that adorable baby had something to do with it. :) So how are you? Hope things are getting better with the babe and incessant crying.

  4. holy crap. that video is so funny.