Thursday, January 17, 2008

So my IUI was yesterday, and it was probably easier, if not more painful, than any of my other IUIs. All of my nurses/nurse practitioners that have done my IUIs always have a really hard time threading the catheter because my cervix is twisted like a corkscrew. This is the first time I had one pulled out the tenaculum. It even sounds scary to me. And because I have heard stories from other infertiles about this device, I knew that it is a ruthless instrument of pain. Here's a picture of different kinds. I believe they used product number LT340-209 on me, if you were wondering. It was painful. I almost cried, actually. I would have cried if 30 seconds after she clamped me she hadn't said, "There it goes!". So I was spared the tears. Anyway, she had my IUI done in five minutes when prevoiusly, it had always taken around twenty. I was impressed. So, welcome to the two week wait. And keep those fingers crossed.

I have three and a half more work days until I go to Utah next week! Oh, I haven't talked about it on here yet, huh? Well, I am. My Mom got a rock awesome deal on a plane ticket out to SLC on her vacation, so I'm going down there on the 24th. Last time she came out to Utah, and I was supposed to visit her, the driver side door on my old car stopped shutting. So, yeah, that pretty much stopped my road trip down there. But this time, I got a pretty sweet deal on Southwest, so I only have an hour of travel time each way. Yay! I hate flying. It's mega boring. Anyway, I'm really excited to see my mom, and I'm excited to see my brother's daughter who is a super cutie. I love happy babies. Although, she'll probably be sad that Chris isn't coming with me. She really liked him a lot when we visited for Thanksgiving.

I hate that I keep thinking that today is Friday. I want it to be Friday. That would be so nice.


  1. I can't wait to tell my grand babies how much you were willing to sacrifice to get them started coming! I am always amazed with you! I can't wait to see you! I hope the weather cooperates.

  2. I love you sooo much and miss you terribly. I pray that you guys will achieve parenthood. What a blessing, although extremely challenging, Sarah has been. It's well worth the pain & suffering!! Mentally & physically - Before & after conception!!)