Saturday, March 01, 2008

Im pretty sure most of you know...

Actually, I'm pretty sure all of you know. Unless, of course there's someone reading my blog that I don't know. Then maybe they wouldn't know... Anyway, the news is I'm pregnant! The statistics finally worked in our favor, and my sixth IUI worked! Holy crap!

It's my strict policy to never do home pregnancy tests before my beta. However, last Saturday night I fell asleep without taking my progesterone. Sunday morning I realized this, and I weighed whether or not I should just skip it or take it late (vag. suppositories are messy, and I still had to sit through church). So I decided I would test, and when it was negative, I could feel justified in skipping it. And then I saw this:

And in the subsequent days I saw this:

I realize they're pretty blurry, but the second lines can be seen on the left side. Needless to say, I took my progesterone immediately. Then I jumped up and down in the bathroom and kind of danced around a little. Chris was still asleep when I saw it, and I kept walking into the bedroom door and hovering, not wanting to wake him up, but really really wanting to wake him up. That lasted all of about three minutes, and I jumped into the bed. I tried to get him to come with me to see something "really important". If you didn't know, Chris is the master of all guessing, and he already knew what I wanted to show him. But it didn't make it any less exciting to tell him, by the way. He was also really excited, although he doesn't display excitement to the outside world. By the outside world, I mean anywhere outside of our house.
I also had blood tests done at my doctor's office. My first beta was 199 on 14 days past ovulation, and my second beta was 601 72 hours later, giving me a doubling time of about 45 hours, which is poi-fect! But of course, I'm still obsessed over the possibility of a miscarriage. I even had the most disturbing dream I can remember last night that centered around that fear. It was a symbolic dream, and there were no babies in it, but the theme was unmistakable. It woke me up, and I had to stay awake for a while because I couldn't stop thinking about it. Anyway, I know the probability of carrying a healthy baby to term is better than anything else. It's just still so hard not to think about because it would be so heartbreaking. We get to see the heartbeat at my seven week appointment, which seems eons away. We also get to see whether or not we have twins. So I just have to try my best not to think about it and celebrate the happy things (of which there are so many right now!).
So that pretty much brings us up to date. Apparently my intuition is not very good because I was just completely sure we were going to be doing in-vitro. I was so sure that the week before I found out I'm pregnant, I had my clinic get a prior authorization for IVF from my insurance company. I'm so happy not to be using that.
Please wish us luck, and if you might remember us in your prayers, we would appreciate it so much!


  1. That baby is tiny, like microscopic tiny. Until we find out if it's a boy or a girl we should nickname it something gender-neutral, like Legolas.

  2. If it were twins you'd probably see 199 and then 4000. But who knows, the chance is there with fertility. I remember telling Dr. Foulk to give me the recipe for triplets he wasn't too keen on that :)

  3. This is not the first time I tried to comment here but it won't take it unless I sign in. So now here I finally am to say....YEA!!!!!! I could not be happier. I can't wait!!! I am so glad I got to see you in January but I still miss you real bad!

  4. when i found out i was so excited! congratulations to the both of you! you need to post updates all the time! i love hearing about other women's pregnancies so make sure and give us all the details. i really admire the faith that you guys have. i know it took awhile and it was difficult but you trusted in the Lord. so good for you! hope you're not feeling too sick yet.... :(

  5. I am sooooo happy for you!!!!! I hope you don't get too sick while you are preggo.