Saturday, March 22, 2008

So I haven't been around for a week. My grandmother passed away on March 15. Last Saturday was a flurry of trying to figure out how I would get out to Georgia. With spring break, flight tickets were ridiculously expensive. Even bereavement fares were really out of my price range. My brother managed to find someone back home who had buddy passes with Delta, so we were able to get pretty inexpensive tickets. I still had to drive down to Salt Lake to fly out, but it was still way cheaper.
Grandmother was my last surviving grandparent. Granddaddy Jack, her husband, passed away 7 years ago. They were married for over 50 years, and Grandmother really was never the same again. She developed Alzheimer's, and eventually she chose to live in an assisted living facility.
I have a lot of really good memories of both of them. We lived closer to them than my paternal grandparents, so we saw them often while I was growing up. Grandmother was the best cook, and she made the best spaghetti. I remember her letting me grate the cheese for it. Cheese was an important part of her sauce. I also remember how she always stood on her porch and waved to us as we pulled out of the driveway when we went home. I'll miss her a lot, but I'm so glad she can be back with her husband again. I know they both missed each other a lot.

In some happy news, Chris and I had our first look at our baby on Friday when I got back. The baby looks perfect! He/she is cute little nugget with a strong little heartbeat. I'm so excited! Actual size is 11mm.


  1. i'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing. but i'm glad you have chris and a strong testimony of the Lord's gospel to help you through stuff like this. we're thinking of you. hope you find comfort in knowing someone cares! :)

  2. your baby looks human now! :)