Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I just want to say that I disapprove of the weather we're having. We had three days of actual spring this past weekend, and now we're due for another week of winter. Grrrrr.....I hate it. Spring and fall are the seasons I miss Georgia the most. Well, I don't miss Georgia in the summer at all. But spring and fall and particularly magnificent there. Unfortunately, Idaho doesn't make those seasons in bulk. We get cumulatively about two weeks of each per year, in spurts between winter and summer and summer and winter. It's probably my biggest complaint about Idaho. Well, that and the dry air. I never even knew I had severely dry skin until I spent my first winter here. Other than that, Idaho is a pretty nice state. But I'm still holding a grudge about this stupid weather. :P


  1. i don't miss idaho winters at all. i mean, it gets pretty cold here in utah, but not nearly as much snow in the valley. :(
    hopefully spring comes back for ya and lasts longer than 2 weeks, eh?

  2. You have to take pics of your pregnant belly each month, just pull your shirt right over it or something. I love you!