Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Check me out

Jamie did a hair post last month, and it inspired me to do one of my own. This is really only a partial review of all the hairstyles and colors I've had. I wish I had thought to at least take one picture of each of my different looks, if some of them could be called as such. There are also periods of time for which I know pictures exist, but I don't have them. I'm hoping my mom does. Anyway, here we go!

Look at my adorable fats. Well, maybe not adorable, but definitely fats! This is how my hair started, you know, non-existent.

I love this picture. My brother and I looked like such good friends. This is the youngest picture I own since my newborn picture in which I'm not naked. I must have been around three or something. My hair grew! This is obviously before I took a spoon and made a game of twisting it around in my hair and pulling it out. It got stuck, and I think I cut it out (am I remembering this right?). My mom had to take me to get my hair cut. She was pretty pissed. But sorry, I don't have any pictures of that.

I think I was in first grade in this picture. I'm pretty sure this is after Sarah cut my hair. She kept cutting shorter to make it even, lol. Never let your 15 year old sister cut your hair, no matter how much she threatens you if you don't.

I'm going to fast forward through the early years. It was really just all varying lengths of straight brown. And this is sixth grade. The longest straight brown of my childhood.

This is the first drastic color I ever did to my hair. I dyed it pitch black for the majority of my seventh grade year. This was Halloween. Guess what I was that year?

Eighth grade, eighth grade. This small collage is still missing at least three other hair colors or styles that I had during that year. Hmmmm, looking back, I think I can understand why I intimidated boys my age at that time. I just thought I was ugly. Don't most eight grade girls?

This is what my hair looked like in 9th and 10th grade. Just growing it out to be straight and brown again. Although, my ends were awfully unruly. At this point, I'd given up on "fighting" the system (read: no more grunge era angst or detention). But man, I hated high school.

This is my junior year. My hair grows pretty fast. And it also grew out really wavy, which was weird for me. It was always straight before. And I decided to go red for awhile, I think for a year. This was me being Tori Amos for Halloween that year.

I went platinum and short for a while when I worked at a couple of salons. I had other colors during that time, but no pictures. *sigh* Oh, I guess I should address the ears. They were for my fairy costume for the next Halloween when I actually got to see Tori Amos in Houston.

And a tongue ring, too.

Another growing out phase. This is the time period that some guy on LDSpals told me I looked like a lesbian. And I also met Chris on the same site shortly afterward. My hair was just a little bit longer when we met each other in person in Utah.

This was when I lived in Moscow, ID when Chris and I were dating. I think this is one of the pictures I took to send with him to training before he went to Iraq. I don't think it made the cut, though. My hair was pretty much the same when we got married, just longer. Another thing I noticed when going through all these pictures is that my eyes have gotten a lot lighter as I've gotten older. My eyes were a lot darker brown when I was little than they are now.

While Chris was in Iraq, I dyed my hair a semi-permanent dark brown. I really liked it a lot.

I got my hair cut short again the spring after Chris came home. I really liked this hairstyle, but it involved too much work for me. Since my hair became wavy, it doesn't like straight anymore, particularly when it's short. So, I loved it, but I didn't keep it very long.

So this is how I look now, but it is a little longer. It's not a very exciting look, but it's pretty low maintenance, and therefore suits me the best.

I hope you liked my hair post. I'm sure it was a little boring because I didn't talk it up very much, but I guess I just don't have much to say today. I wish my sister Rachel had a blog. She would have an awesome hair time line (hairline?).


  1. Holy crap, I loved this post! You had the raddest hair! Way cooler than any of mine, I must say. My favs include the Tori Amos look-alike, the short multi colored ones, and the wispy chin length 'do. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! I'm glad I inspired you. :)

  2. I guess I might dig for some pics to show, but I have pretty boring hair, it's just the styles that are a bit diff. If I post pics from now to when I was little, that would be a receding "hairline".

  3. I think you look beautiful in you're pic from sixth grade. Um, good job.

  4. how can you go from goth to hippie in what looked like a year, pretty funny.