Friday, May 09, 2008

Mmmmmm, hot red breading...

Let's talk about food, yes? More specifically, foods that are bad for you. Even more specifically, one food that is bad for you. There are some times in your life when you need to eat spicy chicken sandwiches with cheese, no mayo, and drizzled with ranch every day for every meal OR YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. I guess I would like to call that time of my life the pregnant time.* Yes, I just ate one, and I am happy. Anyway, I don't really need to regale you with the loveliness that is a spicy chicken sandwiches with cheese, no mayo, and drizzled with ranch, do I? Doesn't the juicy chicken breast breaded with that hot red breading speak for itself? Of course it does! I'm mostly speaking of THE CONSEQUENCES YOU WILL SUFFER, ahem, well, the consequences I will suffer if I don't eat them more often in this pregnant time of my life.
I had my OB visit yesterday. I found it humorous that I've seen her several times in the past year or so, and this is the first time I didn't have to take off my pants. Score one for me! Anyway, I mentioned it to her, and she laughed. Heh, I'm glad she didn't think it was creepy. So, OB visit, right. Baby is fine. I heard that little "whoosh whoosh" heartbeat for the first time. That was pretty cool. She found it really quickly, which made me happy. Everything else was fine, well, except that I lost 4 pounds in the past 4 weeks. Um, what? That's kind of freaks me out a little. I know many people will tell me it's fine and all, but let me tell you why it freaks me out. My morning sickness was negligible, people! As in, puked less than once a week! Also, I GORGED myself on pizza, pizza, pizza! Well, not all of the time, but more than I felt I should. My doctor wasn't necessarily worried a lot, but she was surprised and told me not to lose anymore weight. So I've decided to allow myself some more of my favorite cravings, even though I was trying to avoid them for the health of my little one. Maybe this kid is taking after me. Maybe the baby wants a spicy chicken sandwich, too. *sniff sniff* So much like your mama! Now let's go to McDonald's and get 2 Big Macs for $3. *kiss kiss*

*I would also like to call it every other time in my life. If you were to, hypothetically, try to win my undying love and affection with said regimen of food, I would be undoubtedly yours. However, be warned: If your offering is missing either cheese or ranch, it will be for naught. Oh, I'll still eat it, but I'll glare at you with pure hatred while licking the morsels from my fingers. But if you forget both cheese and ranch, I will behead you. And then I will eat your sandwich.


  1. you're so funny! :)

    Don't worry about the weightloss. I lost 10 lbs in my first trimester, but it comes back. BELIEVE ME :)


  2. i thought you were going to say, and then I will eat your head... muahh ha haa.

  3. Of course she thought it was creepy. It was right up her alley. I mean, we're talking about a person who gets paid to look right up your alley.

    BTW, I just ate before I read your post and it still made me hungry. Might we be related?

  4. Well the cheese loving may be from me but the hot stuff has to be from your father. I do not like little pricks of hotness on my tongue or down my throat. Viva la difference (I don't know how to spell in English much less French!!)