Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Aaaaaaand then my brain exploded.

As you may remember, if you have known me for any length of time since I birthed my son, we have sleep issues.  No.  He has sleep issues.  After my last post about it, I followed some of the advice I received.  First, I just ignored him when he got out of bed (we had a baby gate set up in the doorway, so he couldn't get out- Parent A or B would sit in a chair outside the door).  But the problem with this method was that once he realized I wouldn't play the game of putting him back into bed, he just played.  He sleeps with a floor fan going in his room.  It was really hard not to laugh at him when he would squat in front of the fan and yell to hear his voice get chopped up.  So, anyway, this was not helping him get to sleep. 
Next method was to put his mattress on the floor beside our bed with the hope that he would settle down to sleep if he was sleeping where everyone else was sleeping.  Ha.  Yeah right.  The new game was to climb onto the bed and jump all over Mom and Dad.  Again and again and again. 
So now, we still have him in our room, but we brought in the pack n play.  And that is his new bed.  He seems to be adjusting to sleeping in it okay for nap time, but you can just forget about bedtime.  We do our routine- the same every night- he's always yawning and rubbing his eyes during stories.  I know he's freaking tired.  But as soon as we close the last book, he jumps up and has a party.  He goes completely wild.  The end of story time is his cue to wake up and NEVER GO TO SLEEP.  In the past week and a half, the shortest length of time it has taken to get him to sleep has been maybe half an hour, which is definitely not typical.  Most nights, it takes an hour and a half.  Tonight, it took three hours.  THREE HOURS!!  And we don't just put him in his bed and leave him there.  One of us lays in our bed beside him, so he knows it's time to go to sleep.  But it's such a huge thing that happens every single night, and it's killing me!  But I just don't know what to do.  I can only hope that eventually he will just sleep already.  Because really, I got nothin'.


*sigh* I love that kid more than anything.  Even if he makes me crazy.  (Not a new picture, but still cute.)

So, we saw the twins again last Friday.  They're growing and their hearts are beating.  And according to the old wives tale about heart rates, we're having two girls.  But I also remember that Ben's heart rate was pretty high this early, but it went down further later on. 
I had my first appointment with my OB on Monday.  I will just say now that I love my OB.  She also did fertility treatments, and she had triplets.  So she doesn't take this multiples thing lightly.  I'm glad because I've been getting a little freaked out by all the potential complications that are more likely with each extra baby you're carrying.  She gave me a book, When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads, and I'm really glad.  I guess I just had this idea that with twins, you're just a little more pregnant, and it would be a lot like a singleton pregnancy, but bigger.  I had this idea that you couldn't really do much about potential complications unless you're unlucky enough to have them.  And I'm sure some of that is true, but apparently there is a lot you can do to try and prevent bad things from happening.
Also, one of the things that's really stressed in this book is how much more weight you need to gain with extra babies and how quickly you need to gain it.  Now, I'm not on the small side.  I am a large milkshake.  And even taking that into account, I'm supposed to gain 20-25 lbs by week 20.  I am now 9weeks and several days, and I have gained one pound so far.  I don't even know how I'm going to do this, y'all.  Now, I totally buy into this business of the weight gain.  Studies show a strong correlation between the weight a mother of multiples gains during pregnancy and the babies' birth weights.  I would really like to be able to take my babies home as soon as possible after they're born, you know?  But I just don't know how I'm going to be able to eat that much.  And then there's all the water to drink and the milk.  They advise drinking a quart of whole milk a day.  A quart!  That's a meal in itself!  Well, at least the Zofran seems to be working well enough to allow me to eat and cook.  That is a definite plus there. 

I'm sure I'll do it all somehow.  I'm just overwhelmed.  I'm freaked out about Chris leaving so soon.  We have no more weekends together.  Well, just one, but I don't really count it because he has to use the entire time getting ready for Annual Training.  And then we get to have a few days together before he's mobilized.  There's just not enough time.  I need him.  I'm worried about what to do when I get so big I can hardly move, and it will just be me and Ben.  How will I take care of him?  How will I give him the snuggles and kisses and loves he'll need from his mama?  And more practically, how will I change his diapers when I can't pick him up or get up off the floor once down there?  I've gotten plenty of offers for help, but I can't really call someone every time Ben needs a diaper change.  I have more worries than I have answers.   I hope I figure it out before I get there.


  1. Holy crap, a quart a day?!?! Ask if you can do a pint of sour cream and throw on an extra pint of water. Heck, I'd do a quart of sour cream a day. Stick with me kid, I know weight gain. I am weight gain!

  2. I got nothin for ya on the sleep thing. James and I celebrated when they all started sleeping through the night...a year ago.

    We love you honey...

  3. You can literally call me every time that Ben needs a diaper change. Seriously. If it gets too intense, I'll just move in with you for awhile. Seriously. Did I mention that I'm serious?

  4. i feel your pain with the sleep issues. I was starting to freak out too because my baby is due soon. i can only imagen how you feel. what has worked for us......
    when he walks out of the room give no emotion happy, mad or sad. take his hand and walk him back to the room. we had to do this over 30 times the first night. The next night 20 the next 10. He got better and better with every night. jason was the one to walk him back at first because that guy knows how to walk over his mama! so i would pick the stronger parent he listens to the best to start it out.
    now if joseph walks out at night it is only a couple of times and most nights not at all. he has learned that he gets nothing from it. i really thought he would pitch the biggest fit over it and he never really did. hope it helps. i would say just find an plan and stick to it. he will learn.
    kisses and good luck.

  5. You totally know that Mom is going to come out there and help you for prolly like a month- don't worry! You'll have enough to worry about when you have to figure out how you're going to breastfeed two babies at the same time- lol!! We're praying for you lots mama!

  6. I think Eve knows now I will be out there at least 5 or 6 months. If not she is in denial. We have talked about it. So I will come whenever you need me and stay till you don't. So don't worry!