Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey y'all.  As usual, I've had a ton of ideas for blog posts in the past however long it's been since I last posted.  But I don't feel like writing any of them (except for maybe the one about nose picking- but do you really want to read about that?).  The husband has left for AT, which means I have about a handful of days left that I get to see him.  A few days in about a month when AT ends and a few days in MS right before he leaves the country. 

It's going to be hard for me.  It already is.  I miss him like crazy, and he just left yesterday.  It'll be really hard for him, too.  We're several years out of the newlywed phase, but we're still just as crazy about each other.  No.  More crazy about each other, I think.  But I worry most about how hard it's going to be on Ben.  He really loves his dad.  His eyes light up when Chris comes home from work, and Ben runs to the door to give him a hug.  He's used to Chris being gone for a weekend here and there for drill, but he'll probably start looking for his dad around the house soon. 

We recorded Chris reading him bedtime stories, so I can show them to him every night.  We also had some family pictures taken (which is kind of hilarious because Chris and I are not very photogenic- I'm pretty sure most of the pictures are of us looking weird and Ben being completely adorable), so I can put them in a book for Ben to look at whenever he wants to. 

Side note: This is so not the time period I would normally choose for family pictures.  I seriously should have planned better and done them three months ago when I weighed two babies + a food baby less (Food baby = when you eat a bunch of food and look pregnant).  I'm at that stage where I don't actually look pregnant, but I've obviously gained weight.  I just look like I've been eating way too many sloppy joes.  I'm not really complaining about it.  I don't mind.  I just don't think I would have immortalized my pillsbury dough paunch with pictures if I had thought about it sooner. 

Bah!  So as I was writing this last night Ben woke up and wanted to go back to sleep with me while playing with my hair.  Well, that just wasn't going to happen.  That's how I used to put him to sleep a few months ago, and we're not going back there.  He was pretty insistent about it.  So I ended up having to go to bed while helping him to go back to sleep in his own bed (he'll go to sleep on his own (normally), but he won't go to sleep by himself- he needs someone in the room).  But this is why he did it:  I put him to sleep that way one night.  I stayed the night at my mother in law's house, and it was the easiest option to get him to sleep without disturbing everyone else in the house.  One! night!  I've learned my lesson.  Thankfully, he stayed asleep once he finally fell back to sleep last night.

I will be happy when this whole deployment thing is over, although it will be triple the crazy when Chris gets home.  I hope the babies will be good sleepers.  Seriously.  If I have two more sleepers like Ben, I will probably die.    


  1. Hey Bekah! Please post the family pictures when you get them!!! I'm so excited to see them - even if they did turn out a little crazy! And I'm going to miss Chris as well - he made work tolerable! But I know you'll be missing him tons more and he with you as well. He really loves you - and it's awesome to see that!

  2. I love your posts. :) Always so fun to read.
    As far as the sleeping situation goes, I wish I had some miracle for you. I nursed Vessel to sleep almost every night and he woke up several times in the night until he was a little over 1. Putting him to bed after I weaned him was always a struggle. We had a long drawn out routine that was totally exhausting for me and Mike. Jacob, however, sleeps through the night. I lay him in his bed at bedtime (still awake) and he just goes to sleep. It's a dream come true. I did the "babywise" methods from the book. It's not for everyone. And granted, each child is different. But it has really worked for Jacob. Something to consider with the new babes maybe?
    I'm so sorry Chris is leaving. I don't know what I would do if Mike left for so long. You are a strong woman, that's for sure. Accept all the offers of help you get. Any help is better than no help, right? :)