Sunday, February 17, 2008


Holy crap, I finished my pirate quilt!! It doesn't actually have any pirates on it. It just has skulls and stripes on it.

I didn't do an awesome job on the binding, but hey, it was my first time. I learned several things about binding, though. a) I will never use pre-made bias tape again. b) I will never try to take a short cut by just sewing both sides at the same time. And most importantly c) I really hate bias tape (refer to lesson a). I am definitely not proficient enough at quilting yet to be a perfectionist, so I am very happy with my product. There's no way anyone can make me re-do it. It's warm, and it's lovely. Here's a close up of the fabrics I used.

The reason I finished my quilt is because I wanted to start on a new one. When I went down to Utah and visited my brother and his family, his wife introduced me to chenille quilting. I didn't actually get to see any of it being done, but I saw the finished project, and she told me the basics of how it was done. Well, Jo-Ann Fabrics is having a super sale for President's Day, and that was my opportunity to buy all the materials and everything I needed to make the quilt. So, this is the gist: you take several cuts of fabric and layer them, let's say 5 pieces. You sew diagonal seams about 3/4" apart from each other on the entire piece. You take this special blade by Olfa (which I got on sale for $15), and cut through the first four layers of fabric in between the seams. Or you could also cut through the first two layers on each side of the quilt, preserving the middle layer. You then bind the quilt and then wash and dry it for the chenille effect. If I'm wrong, please someone correct me. Otherwise I'll screw up my own, lol. Anyway, these are the fabrics I'm using for mine.

Front and back will be stripes, and the middle will be the light blue. I haven't decided which will be the binding yet. I'm excited, though! I've already started sewing the diagonal lines across. I'll definitely post pictures when I finish, even if it's five months in the future. I'm also currently waiting for yarn to come in the mail, and I'll be working on more stuff. I really do plan more projects than I should, don't you think?


  1. I think your quilt looks cool. And you can never have too many projects, because it gives me an excuse to have a bunch of projects.

  2. How are you doing with the chennile quilt? I didn't get to buy the tool because that was when we got the 550 dollar electric bill. That has worked out so let me know next time there is a sale at Joanne's. Did you find a pattern or something? I want to make that bag thing with the toys in it. Have you seen where the plastic things it is stuffed with is? I think I better go to bed, words aren't coming out right. But then I am a graduate of Headland High School. I'll tell you the story someday!