Monday, November 05, 2007

A Day at the Dentist's

I got a couple of fillings, and a frenulectomy. According to the definition, I got a labial frenulectomy, which definitely was not was it sounds like. I got the little bit of skin that attaches my lower lip to my lower gums clipped. Apparently it was pulling my gums away from my teeth and was threatening to cause a recession. It looks pretty gross. It also doesn't hurt too bad... yet. I'm armed with Oragel, though. I'm just glad I finally got all of my dental work taken care of. I went to this dentist in April 2005, and he told me he wanted to put in a new filling where an old one had fallen out and a filling on a leakage (uh, what?) that would soon be a surface cavity. In spite of my intentions to get them done in 2005, it never happened. So I finally went back for a cleaning a couple of weeks ago, and they still wanted to put in those fillings. And thus it was done, for the better health of my mouth. Chris went with me for his cleaning today, too. He hadn't had one for while, either.

You know, sometimes, I'm glad that we teach the Sunbeams. It's nice to have a calling that doesn't give me anxiety, and it makes me get my lazy butt up and off to church on Sunday morning. I think I would probably die if I had to teach adults or stand up in front of adults and talk, or even sit among all the other adults for any reason except sacrament meeting. Yes, I have severe social anxiety, and I don't know why. In the married student ward I attended in Moscow, I would often leave early crying because I would just freak out and have a panic attack. Quietly, of course. That also would happen at Enrichment Night. Am I totally crazy? If you look at pretty much everyone else in my family, then yes, I am. How did I get the anti-social gene? Where did it even come from?
Anyway, other times, teaching the Sunbeams makes me insane. Yesterday, for example, I only had three children. Easy. Easy, easy, easy, right? Except, one boy's mom came in to help him get through closing exercises (he was perfectly fine in class), and he was this writhing bony sack of making me crazy. He would make nonsense noises that were quite loud, and just throw his whole body backwards all through the closing announcements, birthdays, , the talk, scripture and prayer, yeah, pretty much the whole time. His mother would only say something when I looked at him. I realize that he is only four. However, I have taught him for a year (we were in nursery last year), and he is so manipulative of his parents that they let him get away with anything. We don't make special allowances in our class for his tantrums, and he has been just fine with us. Really, it's frustrating. I had our other boy in our class yesterday, too. He used to be this sweet little imaginative boy who was extremely cooperative and obedient, and now he's pretty much out of control most of the time. I don't know what happened or when, but he makes me crazy. He doesn't like to color anymore, so when all the other kids are coloring, he runs around the classroom, jumping off of chairs, climbing onto the window sill, and being fairly disruptive in general. I can handle him in the classroom, though. It's in junior primary, and combined closing exercises that he is most difficult, like the other boy. We had another boy in our class that just moved who was probably worse than both of these boys combined. We also have two girls who are very nice and cooperative and mostly obedient. Wow, I sound like a mean teacher. I know that children, in general, are a rambunctious lot, and I do look forward to having them in my life. I just have bad Sundays and good Sundays. This past Sunday was a difficult one with Chris being at drill and the two boys being especially trying. So, I have to vent about it. I have just as many Sundays, if not more, that I truly enjoy my calling. Our primary president even commented on our class having all the difficult children (there are two Sunbeams classes).
Well, anyway, I have progressed in making my secret items quite a bit. I'm pretty excited about them. All other projects are on hold. I have a lot to get finished by Christmas. I did get my pirate baby quilt tied on Saturday, though. Now I just have to sew on the binding, but there's no rush. Who knows when I'll be able to use it as intended anyhow.


  1. Thanks for making me go to the dentist. I really enjoyed it.

  2. You know, teaching the Gospel Principles class is a lot like teaching children, because they are so new to the gospel. The perk is that they don't jump around and throw tantrums... wouldn't that be scary?!