Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm sorry it's been soooo long since I updated my blog. Feel free to tell me I'm a wiener next time you see me. I just know you're that upset. So, a few things have happened. Crochet project priority #1 is finished. Click here to see the recipient, Jamie, model it beautifully. I should mention, you can get the pattern for the beanie at The Art of Crochet. I didn't have a pattern for the scarf, so I made an educated guess. I didn't finish project #2 in time, which is a monkey. But I made the monkey a little friend, which you can also see on Jamie and Mike's blog.
So the big story is that we went to Utah for Thanksgiving to hang out with my brother Michael's family and his in laws. We saw his new baby, and she was so stinking cute. She just loved Chris, too. She snuggled right up to him, and went to sleep. I had the opportunity to make a gluten free apple pie, which I will tell you is not the proper way to have an apple pie. But I was told by those who ate it (except for Michael's brother in law who has correct taste buds) that it was good. I don't think I could do the gluten free deal. It's too much work, and the crust is simply not flaky. Anyway, the food was spectacular, and we had a lot of fun. I always have fun with my brother. Maybe it's because he stinks. How could that possibly make him fun? I really don't know, but you should probably ask him.
On Friday, we weren't going to do the shopping thing, but did anyway. We went to Jo-Ann Fabrics where I purchased various buttons and this book. Shiloh and I saw it at Craft Warehouse many moons ago and I craved it even though I couldn't knit. And now I can. Yay me! (Glory day in the hot sun picture soon to follow) And so, it was purchased very smartly with a 50% off coupon. We got everything on supersale. It was fantastic. I would also like to note that Jo-Ann in Utah is vastly superior to any other Jo-Ann I've have been to in Idaho or Georgia. Very unfair.
And then we went to a game shop, a Canadian candy shop, and Home Depot. Yawn. Just kidding. It wasn't boring, but I didn't buy anything good enough to talk about there. If you really want to know what was purchased, let Chris tell you about it. At the Canadian shop, there was this adorable dog there. He was a Bassetdor, which as you may conclude from the name, is a Basset Hound/ Labrador Retriever hybrid. He was so cute and lovey. Too bad our dogs are fixed. We could have, like, eleven of those puppies. It's makes me cry a little just to think about it. And not from joy.
So for Chris' birthday, we went shopping and went to an aquarium, which was pretty sweet. We always enjoy going to some kind of animal exhibits. It's what makes our vacations good. Unlike our last vacation, which sucked, and you can read about it here (sorry Jamie and Mike- the bad part of being friends with a married couple with individual blogs is that you get to read everything twice). And after we saw all of the beautiful fish and rock awesome giant octopus, we of course craved some fish in our bellies. So we went to some Chinese place and were sadly disappointed by the food. So we went back to the motel and watched TV (I'm not going any further than that, okay Mom?).
On Saturday, we went to meet our friends from inside the computer Mike and Jamie. And Vessel. We had a really good time. In spite of fears that everyone would feel awkward socially (I had no such fears because I knew I could carry the conversation all by myself if need be), we all were able to get through the afternoon without any of us peeing our pants at all. Well, maybe Vessel might have peed his pants, but I convinced Chris to forgive him of it because he is only one year old. I'm kidding. If Vessel peed his pants, Jamie and Mike made no indicator of such a problem. So, our gifts went over pretty well, which made me very happy because I was so excited about making the scarf set and the little poop guy (or girl, who knows?)- pattern here. We all talked and got along really well, and I was sorry to go.
Drive home was good, church was the usual, and sleep was blissful. Monday I had my ultrasound to find out how many follicles I had this month. I assumed, I would have a positive ovulation predictor kit on Monday and IUI would be soon to follow on Tuesday. Just like last month, right? OR NOT! Sorry, I just love saying it like that. Lo and behold, my right ovary bore an already collapsed follicle and my left gave me nothing. I'll bet you'll never guess what my progesterone test concluded...wait for it...(this really isn't exciting in the happy way) I had already ovulated. Wh-wh-what? And it probably happened on Day 11 or 10 or something absolutely stupid like that. So IUI is cancelled because it would have been a waste of money at that point, and we're just hoping that the good old fashioned way will work. I do hope it does work, but I really don't expect it to. All in all, I'm disappointed, but I'm not angry. Who would I be mad at? Who knows, maybe it will happen. Crazier things have, for sure.
So there you have it.

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  1. OK so that Poo thing is really cute. I think Sarah and Erick would like it too and we are trying to potty train them. Altho Erick likes to wave bye bye to our real poos as they go down the toilet. We would have to make sure your stuffed Poo would not go the same way!