Thursday, November 01, 2007

Not much has been going on here lately. I finished my short story for class this past weekend and had it workshopped on Monday, so I feel like I can actually do things I want to do again. Oh, and I also made a poodle skirt for Halloween. We have a Halloween decorating contest among all the Finance departments, and we pretty much always win. Because we're awesome. The theme this year was musical eras by decade. My group got the 50's. It was fun. I'll post some pictures as some point.
Now I'm in crochet mode. I have some items I want to finish on a schedule, so I'm trying to get them done. Some...secret items.... I'm also working on a knitted cowl and an mp3 player holding arm band. I'm working on a flower purse, hopefully to sell. I'm working on finishing my pirate baby quilt. There's so many things I really want to do. Not nearly enough time. This past weekend was crazy.
My follicle scan wasn't until Day 12 this cycle. I started my opks on Day 10, and I was almost surging by the time I got my scan. So they bumped up my IUI up to Tuesday afternoon (cross your fingers for us). I'm going to disclaim this next statement by saying I'm so very glad I don't have to take PIO shots, but I freaking hate progesterone suppositories. It's like having a yeast infection you can't treat for two weeks or more, if you're pregnant. But it'll totally be worth it.
Anyway, after my follie scan, I had to go to the eye doctor (shamefully, I had not been for two and a half years). I forgot to bring my glasses and my prescription. I'm so lame. My doctor was super nice, though. I now have trial contact lenses in my new prescription, and it's nice to see so clearly again. So it's pretty late, and I need to go to bed. Maybe one day I'll post when I'm not supposed to be asleep.

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  1. oh I so know what you mean about progesterone...ick and you have to practically plan sex around them!