Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Guess who is the Stinky Pete?

That would be me. I'm insufferable even to myself. And because I can, I blame it on the progesterone. And I also feel bad for Chris.

During all this trying to get pregnant business, my emotions are as cyclical as my hormones. I'm in that wonderfully carefree week (there's only one, and sometimes it lasts less than seven days) when anything is possible, and I better act as though I'm pregnant because I could be, you know! I really like this week because I don't feel like crap, and I'm extremely hopeful in spite of my track record. Curiously, this is also the time of the month when I feel most at peace with the possibility of it not working. There is always next month. That, of course, is mostly dashed away by the end of beta day when I am checking my voice mail with my results as a nervous wreck. I refuse to hear my results while I'm at work. That's just too hard. I was just thinking about it.
I had a dream the other night that I got a positive. I peed in front of Shiloh in my dream because she wanted me to test again because I wasn't sure if it was positive. It was brightly positive, and then I remembered that my trigger had only been seven days before, so it could be a false positive. Oh, and we were in JCPenney. I woke up feeling the excitement from my dream anyway. It made me happy.
I've started on secret project #2 or #3....or #4. It depends on how many secret projects we're counting. But this is priority #2 secret project. I've never made anything like it before, so I'm pretty psyched. I love to crochet. I will definitely post pictures at such a time that the secrecy has past. Did that make sense? I should really go to bed now.

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